Product Formats

Which product format should I purchase, the USB flash drive, the CD-ROM or the video DVD program?

The USB flash drive, CD-ROM, or DVD-ROM is an interactive teaching software program designed for one user at a time. Using the proven easy-to-use interactive interface, individuals with a wide range of intellectual and other cognitive disabilities are able to use the program independently and competently.

A concept is presented and then the user is tested with a series of interactive test items. Based on the user performance, the interactive program provides immediate on-screen error correction and remediation. The user is then given an additional opportunity to practice or apply new information and/or skills.

The video DVD program is designed for use by those who do not have access to a computer and for care-providers or teachers who want to present the information in a group setting. Since the video DVD program does not have the interactive component, the care-provider or teacher can pause the program for questions and discussion within the group.

This video DVD may be viewed on a DVD player attached to your TV or on your computer.

In order to view this video DVD on a computer, you must have a DVD drive that plays movies. ^Top

How can I preview your programs?

Sections of programs may be viewed by downloading a demo or viewing video samples found on "Our Products" page of the website.

Video samples are can be streamed from our You-Tube channel. To view our channel, please go to ^Top

What is your return policy?

We ask that you first preview the demos and video samples available on "Our Products" page of this Site before ordering. Our goal is to provide programs that help with your needs at affordable prices. At this time, once the product is opened it is not returnable. Please read our Return Policy for more details.

If the USB flash drive, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, or video DVD appears to be defective, contact us and we will replace the defective product. Please see our Warranty Policy for more details. ^Top

What software do I need to use products from your site?

In order to download a copy of the Health Map you must have Adobe® Reader® software. This software is a free download from Adobe Systems, Inc.:

Please read our Terms and Conditions of Use policy. ^Top

Do you have special pricing for Educational/Not-For-Profit/Government organizations?

Educational, not-for-profit (501c3) or government organizations may qualify for a reduced price. Please contact us for information. ^Top

Do you have quantity discounts?

Yes! Order 5 or more of the same interactive teaching software program or 5 or more of the same video DVD program and receive a 15% discount. For larger quantities please call toll free at 888-743-2692 or email for a quote. Please see our Quantity Discount for full details. ^Top